Special Study Maps

Utah Geologic Survey Special Study 127 Reports & Maps

In 2008 the Utah Geologic Survey published Special Study 127, Geologic Hazards and Adverse Construction Conditions. This study covered St. George - Hurricane Metro areas of Washington County at 1:24,000 scale mapping. Copies of this report, along with the GIS data, can be ordered on DVD directly from the UGS Bookstore.

The City of Hurricane Planning/Zoning Department will begin using this study as a guide when evaluating new developments that may require special conditions. To facilitate this policy the GIS Department has produced a series of the map at 1:24,000 scale maps that focus specifically on Hurricane. These maps are also a valuable resource for developers when searching for candidate areas within the city suitable for development.

Special Study 127 Reports

The City of Hurricane has copies on file of the Special Study reports listed are.

  • Introduction
  • Section 2 - Earthquake Hazards
  • Section 3 - Liquefaction Hazard
  • Section 4 - Flood Hazard
  • Section 5 - Landslide Hazard
  • Section 6 - Rock-Fall Hazard
  • Section 7 - Problem Soil and Rock
  • Section 8 - Shallow Ground Water
  • Section 9 - Earthquake Ground Shaking Hazard

View lists of 1:24,000 scale maps specifically covering Hurricane City. All maps listed are available by request in hard copy or PDF format from the GIS office.

Special Study 127 Geologic Hazard Maps