Future Parks & Planning

Our goal is to plan not only for the current parks and recreational needs of the community but for future needs as well. The Parks Department has a number of parks and ideas in the works.

Master Plans

In 2008 the Parks Department finalized a Parks Master Plan that was adopted by the City Council. This includes many options for improving existing parks developing new parks. To learn more about future park plans download the Parks presentation (PDF) from the 2009 State of the City address.

Sand Hollow Resort Park

In March 2010 BLM deeded to the City two 40 acre parcels just north of the Sand Hollow Resort development. These parcels will be used for a new school and park.

Airport Park (BLM R&PP 40 Acre Park)

  • A community park will be provided with looped walking trails, sand volleyball, playground, and basketball court, covered and uncovered picnic areas Airport Park Plan Opens in new window
  • Located south of the City Airport
  • Plans have been developed
  • Relocate American Legion Rodeo Arena with enhanced spectator seating, parking, and livestock access
  • The property was released to the City by the BLM in March 2010
  • Waiting for funding

Trails & Trees

The Trails Committee is currently reviewing the Trails Master Plan and exploring opportunities for new trails. They have also developed a trail in Confluence Park.

The Tree Board has completed an inventory of trees within the city utilizing a computerized mapping application from the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands. This inventory will open access to grant monies from various sources so the Parks Department can better maintain our tree resources.

Thrill Hill Bike Skills Park

The City Council has directed the Parks Department to look into developing a Bike Skills Park. Skills parks offer riders of all ages a safe environment to practice skills. They are the welcome mat to mountain biking and offer opportunities for riders of all ages on all types of bikes to learn and practice bike handling in a planned safe natural environment that allows skills succession through progression-based features that are all within a dynamic self-taught environment. Skills parks offer a risk management solution to unauthorized jumps and features in municipalities and provide great opportunities for public, private partnerships, and nonprofit, volunteer club involvement.