Energy Supply

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) is planning to license, construct and operate a first-of-a-kind 6-module, 462 megawatts small modular nuclear reactor electric energy project, named the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP) on property belonging to DOE's Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in the desert west of Idaho Falls.

Hurricane Power signed a Power Sale Contract in 2018 for an entitlement share of CFPP formalizing Hurricane's commitment to participate in this Small Modular Nuclear Project. Hurricane increased its entitlement share of the CFPP in 2019, to become one of the larger participants in the project.

These resources are from a presentation given to the City Council on November 20, 2014, outlining what UAMPS is investigating.

Power Sources

  • Coal
    • Intermountain Power Project
    • Hunter Power Station
    • San Juan Power Station (retired Oct 2022)
  • Natural Gas
    • Nebo Power Station
    • Hurricane Clifton Wilson Power Station
  • Hydro
    • Colorado River Storage Project
    • Pah-Tempe Hydro
  • Wind
    • Pleasant Valley Wind Project
    • Horse Butte Wind Project
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