Public Works


The Public Works Department is a multi-service department responsible for the municipal services that provide culinary water supply and distribution, irrigation water supply and distribution, stormwater control, street maintenance, parks, and cemetery maintenance. These services provide the physical public infrastructure upon which a community is built. The Public Works Department is committed to providing a service level that will allow the City of Hurricane to grow and prosper.

Departments Overseen By Public Works

Joint Utility Committee

The Joint Utility Committee (JUC) is a coordinating committee that ensures proposed projects comply with public and private utility standards. The Public Works Department, in conjunction with the City Engineer, hosts meetings of the JUC every Wednesday as demand requires.

Utility Management

The Public Works oversees many issues related to utility infrastructure management.

Public Works Inspections

Public Works provides inspection services for utility installations. Please contact the Public Works Department for more information.

Encroachment Permit Information

The Public Works manages construction projects that take place in public street right-of-ways. An Encroachment Permit and cash bond are required for all construction done in public street right-of-ways.To apply for an Encroachment Permit call Public Works for an application.

For information on the status of current projects go to the Public Works Encroachment Management page.

Utility Location Services

Blue Stakes of Utah provides utility locating services for the City of Hurricane. This is a free service. Please contact Blue Stakes of Utah to have a locator come out to your project before you dig.811 Know What's Below Call Before You Dig